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finished interior door opening

Interior Doors: A Rough Opening vs. A Finished Opening

When ordering new interior doors having the correct measurements is very important.  Just as important is to also let us know the type of opening.  The type of opening can be either “Rough” or “Finished”. What is a Rough Opening? A rough opening is where the wall studs are exposed along the edge of the …

Sliding barn door hardware
Closet Doors

Hardware Options for Sliding Closet Doors

Interior doors of any style can be mounted as a sliding closet doors; all that it takes is the correct type of sliding door hardware! However, there are a few options that you need to consider when it comes to the hardware: How do you plan to use your Sliding Closet Doors? Before we look …

operable louvered shutters on a covered porch
Exterior Shutters

On The Porch with Kestrel Exterior Shutters

Summertime and a porch go hand in hand.  It’s that inviting outdoor sheltered area to relax for a moment, recline and rest our feet, and maybe even watch a casual passerby.  It is also a place to read in the best lighting, gather with friends and family for refreshments such as lemonade and even just …