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European board and batten Exterior Shutters

The story behind the exterior shutters on this stone home in Belgium for Memorial Day.

Often when we think of exterior shutters we think about how they add curb appeal. Improving the exterior of our home. Sometimes, though, they can be part of a much greater transformation.

The building shown above, located in Chièvres, Belgium, started out as a stable. During WWII it had the unfortunate location of being right next door to the local Nazi headquarters. Local legend has it that these stables ended up being used to hold and interrogate prisoners. After it was delivered from such a use by the Allied forces in the Fall of 1944 it eventually fell in to disrepair.

Finally it was purchased in the early 1990’s. We were told how

” This old place was not so comfy 15 years ago, it was a deserted stable and chickens were roosting in the hay loft. It was so run down there were gaping holes in the roof and you could look up and see the sky from the inside. “

Over the course of those 15 years the new owner took this shell, turned it in to a house and finally, with lots of hard work, made it in to a home.

” The shutters are the last project and it will be restored to its original condition, thanks to you folks. You don’t know how many people in town ask about your shutters, and even more astonished that they were made in the good old USA. “

It is an honor to have our shutters and doors chosen by a customer. In this case we are stirred with remembrance knowing that our exterior shutters helped transform this building with a dark past into a comforting home. It is a Memorial set in stone.

The style of exterior shutters used this home is our 7145 Board & Batten Shutters with Breadboard Top and Diamond Cutouts

European Board & Batten Shutters

European Board & Batten Shutters with Diamond Cutouts

European Board & Batten Shutters with Diamond Cutouts

Euoropean Board & Batten Shutters with Breadboard Top

European Board & Batten Exterior Shutters

Belgium Patio Garden

Kestrel Shutters and Doors

A naturally beautiful and renewable choice – Wood shutters and doors by

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In a small village named Snowdenville, where two roads intersect under an old maple tree, there are several older homes situated on each of the corners.  All of the homes are different with their own personality and charm.  One common bond that they do share is that they all display the same style board and batten shutters, each with the same simplistic conifer tree cut-out.  When December arrives, what could be more appropriate than a Christmas tree (or two) at every window?

extira board and batten shutters

Look at the happy Jack o’ Lantern in the window…

While we did not make the shutters for this adorable and very old log cabin, we did make all new shutters just like these for the home that sits caddy corner to this one. The modern day look alikes were made with an exterior-grade material called Extira®.  This material was a perfect and cost-effective way to recreate these decorative exterior shutters.  I will snap a picture of the project for an upcoming post once the scaffolding is down and the project is complete.

For a price quote in this design just contact our office.  We have several cut outs to choose from and you can also send us your own design that you may have such as a cat or dog, a house number, and even your initials.  The pattern can be cut through the shutter or carved into the shutter’s surface as a relief.  Panel cut outs are a fun way to personalize your home.

Kestrel Shutters & Doors

A naturally beautiful and renewable choice – Wood shutters and doors by

Kestrel Shutters & Doors, Inc. 1-800-494-4321 /

In my last post, “Finding a Wood Shutter”, I included this picture as shown. While it is a beautiful picture of Kestrel European Board and Batten Shutters with a breadboard top, I noted that there is something wrong with the hardware installation. It will be easier to see if you imagine the shutters closing over the window.

For starters some of the slidebolts were installed on the wrong sides. This is the hardware that is located in the middle of the shutters. When the shutters are closed, the bolt on one shutter slides into the catch on the ajoining shutter to securely lock the shutters closed. The slide bolts would need to be mounted to the outer side of the shutter, not to the inside next to the window as shown on the right in this picture.

The other error that we noticed in looking at this picture is that the shutter dogs, also known as tiebacks, were installed a bit unusual. Most shutter dogs are typically designed to be mounted below the bottom outer corner of the shutter in order to hold the shutter steadfast against the wall. Shutter dogs have a “weighted” or heavier bottom side to allow the piece to stay in an upright position to hold the shutter in positon. These shutter dogs were installed on the vertical sides instead. While the shutter dogs may not function properly if mounted this way, it can still be aestically pleasing. Keep in mind though, that we do have offset shutter dogs available which are designed and weighted for side mount installations.

Kestrel Shutters & Doors

A naturally beautiful and renewable choice – Wood shutters and doors by

Kestrel Shutters & Doors, Inc. 1-800-494-4321 /