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What is Overlap Rabbeting?

shutters with overlap rabbet

shutters with overlap rabbet

Overlap rabbeting on exterior shutters is a groove along the vertical edge that allows one shutter to overlap the shutter next to it.  An overlap rabbet is very much the same as what is termed as a shiplap joint or half lap joint.

exterior shutters closed with an overlap rabbet

exterior shutters closed with an overlap rabbet

Overlap rabbeting can be found on all functional exterior shutters and for a very good reason. With an overlap rabbet the shutters will close over one another eliminating any exposure in the center leaking rain, light or air . The overlap rabbet also creates a solidness to a closed pair of shutters locking them tighter together to eliminate any “shuddering” for better storm protection.

Is Overlap Rabbeting just for Exterior Shutters?

plantation shutters with overlap rabbet

plantation shutters with overlap rabbet

An overlap rabbet is just as important for interior shutters.  With an overlap rabbet UV rays are blocked from damaging your room furnishings as well as providing a tighter seal over the window giving better energy efficiency.  If you are using your interior shutters as blackout shutters for a bedroom or a media room overlap rabbeting is a must.

overlap rabbet on shutters

overlap rabbet on shutters

Overlap rabbeting is decorative, as well as functional, giving a neater and more finished appearance.  If you look at the picture to the right you will see the half-round bead detail.  This is shaped into the wood shutters to give a more uniform look to the face of the shutters.  This type of rabbet is referred to as a beaded overlap rabbet.

When should I use shutters with overlap rabbeting?

A good rule of thumb, for both interior and exterior shutters, is to have an overlap rabbet if your shutters are meant to be functional or at least look functional.  It is an option that adds very little to the cost but greatly increases their value.

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From a simple sketch on a piece of scrap paper to completion, our office remodeling project has been a long job.  Both inside and out we have remodeled to turn this old police station built around 1940 – 1950 into a working office and showroom.

Just this past week our awning style Bahama shutters and window boxes were installed and today the window box planters were filled with beautiful ivy geraniums from a nursery close to us called Miller’s Greenhouses.  Millers has a wonderful selection.  Still family owned, they have been in business since 1835!  The geraniums for our flower boxes will be wintered over inside the office windows for us to enjoy.  Come next Spring all we will need to do is pop them back in the planters.

The Bahama Awnings were a smart solution in helping to keep our office a bit cooler to save energy during the hot summer months since the Southern full sun exposure bakes the building and the pavement that surrounds-  And with flowers at the windows and shrubbery by the entrance we have heat absorbing benefits but best of all they are simply beautiful.

We still have a bit more to go but the neighbors are already giving us a thumbs up!

bahamas shutters

Kestrel’s Bahama Awning style shutters provide our office shade keeping it cooler inside.  The view of the window flower boxes is enjoyed from both inside and out- for more information please contact us.

Many neat things happen in July…

With just the right amount of sun and rainfall, corn stalks are knee high by the fourth of July…

County Fair evenings end the day…

And of course, Red White and Blue flags & fireworks for July 4th picnic celebrations for Independence Day are fun for all…

American Kestrel and United States Flag

Have a great and safe celebration.


Happy Birthday America!

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Now in our 20th Year
May 4, 1989

With my fuel bills now at least double what they were two to three years ago I have an idea that this year I will reinstall exterior shutters on this old home that I live in and shut them during the winter on the prevailing wind side.  My farm house once had them as most old houses do for very much the same reasons that I am trying to achieve- security and heat conservation. During the winter months the shutters will be drawn over the front roadside windows to insulate against the cold.  I usually keep curtains drawn over these windows for privacy and to help keep the warmth and coziness inside.

Having the windows shuttered will be a comforting sense of security to me when I step inside my home on a cold windy night.  When spring arrives the shutters will be opened and latched back to the stone facade with fanciful tie backs also known as shutter dogs.  During the summer months, should it be hot, I will be able to use the louvers selectively to keep the sun’s heat at bay.  And whatever the season a removable window box at each sill will accent the shutters charm with greens in the winter and floral décor the rest of the year.

Wood is such a great, renewable and natural, insulator.  Adding wood shutters provides a classic window dressing that most definitely will help in keeping the warmth inside your home during the cold winter months and the sun’s heat moderated come summertime.  With conservation in energy equaling conservation to the environment by reduction of “green house gases” you will be helping to turn your house into a “green” house with a beautiful window treatment all year round.  In the long run you will also save money for your piggy bank rather then just literally burn it up in rising fuel costs.  Saving money is always good.

So, what weekend project could you do to add value to your home but best of all add comfort?  Build and install something that will last you and your home a lifetime or more while providing all those years many positive and beneficial uses.

Written by Jewel A. Foulds
February 23, 2008

Did you know that an average home may loose 30% of its heat or air-conditioning energy through its windows?

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