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Stave Core Mahogany Sliding Louvered Doors
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Stave Core Doors & Shutters

Stave Core Doors & Shutters Most of the shutters and doors we make here at Kestrel, both interior and exterior, are built out of solid, kiln dried wood without the use of any laminates.  We can do this as the wood species that we use, American Basswood and Sapele Mahogany, are dimensionally stable and react …

Tongue & Groove Shutters
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Tongue & Groove vs Beadboard for Shutters and Doors

Tongue & Groove vs Beadboard for Shutters and Doors While we are all familiar with flat and raised panel shutters and doors there are other choices when you are looking for something solid. Two popular alternatives are Beadboard and Tongue & Groove. Tongue & Groove The name Tongue & Groove actually refers to the way …

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Interior & Exterior Faux Plantation Shutters

Faux Plantation Shutters? At first it sounds like some sort of fake, decorative only shutter. While they are certainly decorative they are anything but fake. The “faux” in Faux Plantation Shutters simply means that they are not made from wood. What are Faux Plantation Shutters made out of? There are different materials that can be …