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Interior & Exterior Faux Plantation Shutters

Faux Plantation Shutters? At first it sounds like some sort of fake, decorative only shutter. While they are certainly decorative they are anything but fake. The “faux” in Faux Plantation Shutters simply means that they are not made from wood. What are Faux Plantation Shutters made out of? There are different materials that can be …

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Functional Window Shutters In An Old Christmas Poem

I think what I like most about this time of year isn’t just one thing but a whole list including the many decorations on homes and stores, holiday meals and desserts like Gingerbread Cookies and the many fresh smells including the outdoor freshness of pine and balsam. I also enjoy the feeling of contentment that …

fixed louver plantation shutters for privacy at a restaurant
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New Ways to Use Plantation Shutters

We often think of Plantation shutters as the most gracious of window treatments, giving interior windows a true Southern charm. Really, there are many other applications well suited for this airy wide louver style. Over the years we have had the following questions asked and the answers show the true versatility of Plantation Shutters. Can …

oversized sliding plantation shutters
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An Introduction to Plantation Shutters

If there is any one style of shutter that is requested more than any other it is Plantation Shutters. What is surprising is that many people come to us for Plantation Shutters without even knowing what they are. Simply put, there has been so much publicity on Plantation Shutters over the years that people recognize …