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flat panel shutters with s-curve shutter dogs
Exterior Shutter Hardware

Are All “S” Scroll Shutter Dogs the Same?

The most common shutter dog used on exterior shutters is the “S” scroll. The scroll shape, a volute, has been used in architecture for thousands of years. Found on the capitals of Ionic and Corinthian columns, scrolls are a comforting contour that nature creates all by herself in fiddlehead ferns, snails, seashells, and in flowers …

shutter dogs on cape may county courthouse
Exterior Shutter Hardware

A Good Shutter Dog

A house with functional wood shutters but lacking shutter dogs is like a kite without a string. Without this type of exterior hardware a louvered or panelled shutter will swing freely banging against the outside wall and window.  There is also the possibility of the shutter taking flight with a sudden gust of wind!  To …

Exterior Shutter Hardware

Smooth Curve Shutter Dogs

For years we have offered a variety of standard S-curve shape shutter dogs, a.k.a. shutter tiebacks, in several materials including an imported cast iron variety.  This very popular cast iron version has a scalloped edge.  Now, we have a cast iron scroll with a smooth edge.  Simple but very elegant. Just $18.00 a pair! Item: …

exterior shutter hardware on a stucco home
Exterior Shutter Hardware

What Exterior Shutter Hardware do I really need?

This is a very common question and one where the answer really depends on how you plan to use your shutters. Will you be closing them daily to help insulate your home or only for the next hurricane? Maybe your shutters will be strictly decorative. As a general rule of thumb there are two reasons …