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flat panel shutters with s-curve shutter dogs
Exterior Shutter Hardware

Are All “S” Scroll Shutter Dogs the Same?

The most common shutter dog used on exterior shutters is the “S” scroll. The scroll shape, a volute, has been used in architecture for thousands of years. Found on the capitals of Ionic and Corinthian columns, scrolls are a comforting contour that nature creates all by herself in fiddlehead ferns, snails, seashells, and in flowers …

shutter dogs on cape may county courthouse
Exterior Shutter Hardware

A Good Shutter Dog

A house with functional wood shutters but lacking shutter dogs is like a kite without a string. Without this type of exterior hardware a louvered or panelled shutter will swing freely banging against the outside wall and window.  There is also the possibility of the shutter taking flight with a sudden gust of wind!  To …