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Combination Louvered and Mirrored Bifold Closet Doors
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Can I Use 2 Different Styles of Closet Doors Together?

Can I Use 2 Different Styles of Closet Doors Together? Simply put…Yes.  While we make doors that are a combination of different styles ( louvers over panels, mirrored over bead board, operable louvers over fixed louvers and more ) you can also use different types of doors in the same opening. Reasons for Mixing and …

Faux Louvered, Sapele Mahogany Door
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What Are Faux Louvered Doors?

What Are Faux Louvered Doors? With fixed louvered doors the louver blades are fixed at an angle and spaced far enough apart so that there is a gap.  This is so they provide privacy while still allowing airflow.  With Faux lovered doors the louver blades are shaped like a chevron and stacked.  This gives you …

Utility closet doors

Choosing Utility Closet Doors

Choosing Utility Closet Doors When you are looking to buy new doors for a utility closet you need to consider both the requirements that any equipment in the closet might have as well as any other features you would like to see in the doors. Typically this means choosing styles of closet doors that allows …

pool cabana shutters and doors
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Louvered Cabana Doors

Time to make your wish list of outdoor projects happen and we can help! Our Custom-made exterior doors and exterior shutters find a variety of uses outside such as for this terrific poolside cabana. These cabana doors are Kestrel style 6161 – Fixed Traditional Louvered over Tongue & Groove. The customer also installed our 3.1/2″ …

fixed louver plantation shutters for privacy at a restaurant
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New Ways to Use Plantation Shutters

We often think of Plantation shutters as the most gracious of window treatments, giving interior windows a true Southern charm. Really, there are many other applications well suited for this airy wide louver style. Over the years we have had the following questions asked and the answers show the true versatility of Plantation Shutters. Can …