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DIY wainsctoing

A DIY Wainscot Remodel

We recently posted a before-and-after remodel featuring our custom wood exterior shutters.  While interior and exterior shutters and doors are a mainstay for us we also make other millwork items upon request.  The pictures below on the left show how the original wainscot stairwell at this train station was very dated.  This customer updated the look …

Arched shutters on a victorian farmhouse
Exterior Shutters

Exterior Shutters: Before and Happily Ever After

Once the shutters, doors, and other various millwork we make are shipped  to a customer we often wonder what the job will look like once completed.  That’s why the pictures sent in from customers are really nice to see. Before and after remodeling pictures are especially fun! In this before picture shown below the exterior …

Exterior Shutters

Kestrel Shutters & Doors Curb Appeal Gets A Thumbs Up!

From a simple sketch on a piece of scrap paper to completion, our office remodeling project has been a long job.  Both inside and out we have remodeled to turn this old police station built around 1940 – 1950 into a working office and showroom. Just this past week our awning style Bahama shutters and …