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We recently posted a before-and-after remodel featuring our custom wood exterior shutters.  While interior and exterior shutters and doors are a mainstay for us we also make other millwork items upon request.  The pictures below on the left show how the original wainscot stairwell at this train station was very dated.  This customer updated the look with a simple but elegant panel wainscot we fabricated according to his sketch.  The pictures on the right show the dramatic transformation that the new wainscoting has made.  Do you see anything else missing?

DIY Wainscot - before pictureDIY Wainscot - after photo

What a nice change! DIY Wainscoting - before pictureDIY Wainsctoing - after photo

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Once the shutters, doors, and other various millwork we make are shipped  to a customer we often wonder what the job will look like once completed.  That’s why the pictures sent in from customers are really nice to see.

Before and after remodeling pictures are especially fun!

In this before picture shown below the exterior window shutters seem to be just barely hanging on!  The homeowner came to us to recreate these old arched shutters.

Exterior Arched Shutters

What a difference good posture with new exterior shutters makes!

Exterior Arched Shutters

Here is a close up of the half-round arched shutters on the gable.

half-round arched exterior shutters on a Victorian Farmhouse

The main floor has the narrow yet very tall windows you see in many Victorian homes.  These exterior shutters have a quarter-round arched top.

quarter-round arched exterior shutters on a Victorian Farmhouse

If you would like to see some other pictures of past projects take a look at our photo gallery!


From a simple sketch on a piece of scrap paper to completion, our office remodeling project has been a long job.  Both inside and out we have remodeled to turn this old police station built around 1940 – 1950 into a working office and showroom.

Just this past week our awning style Bahama shutters and window boxes were installed and today the window box planters were filled with beautiful ivy geraniums from a nursery close to us called Miller’s Greenhouses.  Millers has a wonderful selection.  Still family owned, they have been in business since 1835!  The geraniums for our flower boxes will be wintered over inside the office windows for us to enjoy.  Come next Spring all we will need to do is pop them back in the planters.

The Bahama Awnings were a smart solution in helping to keep our office a bit cooler to save energy during the hot summer months since the Southern full sun exposure bakes the building and the pavement that surrounds-  And with flowers at the windows and shrubbery by the entrance we have heat absorbing benefits but best of all they are simply beautiful.

We still have a bit more to go but the neighbors are already giving us a thumbs up!

bahamas shutters

Kestrel’s Bahama Awning style shutters provide our office shade keeping it cooler inside.  The view of the window flower boxes is enjoyed from both inside and out- for more information please contact us.

Many neat things happen in July…

With just the right amount of sun and rainfall, corn stalks are knee high by the fourth of July…

County Fair evenings end the day…

And of course, Red White and Blue flags & fireworks for July 4th picnic celebrations for Independence Day are fun for all…

American Kestrel and United States Flag

Have a great and safe celebration.


Happy Birthday America!

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