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Kestrel Shutters & Doors Curb Appeal Gets A Thumbs Up!

From a simple sketch on a piece of scrap paper to completion, our office remodeling project has been a long job.  Both inside and out we have remodeled to turn this old police station built around 1940 – 1950 into a working office and showroom. Just this past week our awning style Bahama shutters and …

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Soup & Nuts, Building a Shutter & Door Business

Soup & Nuts, Building a Shutter & Door Business. Kestrel was started entirely from scratch back in 1988 by my partner and me. We began developing some different wood products namely radius arbors, pergolas, for entrance ways and folding screens. We officially opened for business on May 4, 1989 under the name of Kestrel Manufacturing. …

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Finding a Wood Shutter

Finding a wood shutter supplier with a simple Google search is easy, just be attuned to where and how the shutters are made and with what they made with before you buy. Do your homework by simply asking questions and doing some internet research on the materials and construction methods. There are many types of …