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Interior Faux Plantation ShuttersFaux Plantation Shutters?

At first it sounds like some sort of fake, decorative only shutter. While they are certainly decorative they are anything but fake. The “faux” in Faux Plantation Shutters simply means that they are not made from wood.

What are Faux Plantation Shutters made out of?

There are different materials that can be used but in our case we use an exterior grade, closed cell PVC. It will not rot, fade, chip or crack. They even come with a 25 year unconditional guarantee. An added benefit is that using this high density PVC allows for the frame and louver blades to be designed with air pockets that help insulate your home. kitchen faux plantation shutters

How safe are they?

Our Faux Plantation Shutters have GREENGUARD® certification for Microbial Resistance as well as Indoor Air Quality. This means they are approved for use in hospitals and schools and safe to use in your home. They also meet and exceed the NFPA 701 flammability testing for commercial and hospitality applications.

How do they compare to composite shutters?

The main difference is that composite shutters need to be painted. So even though a composite shutter may be somewhat maintenance free you will need to repaint it every few years. More if you live in a coastal region. With our Faux Plantation Shutters the color is blended right in so they never need maintenance. The 25 year unconditional guarantee even covers the color from fading or chipping.

What are good applications for Faux Plantation Shutters?

Our Faux Plantation Shutters can be used any where Wood Plantation Shutters can be used, both inside and out. The pictures below show only a few different ways. Call, email or chat with us to discuss how our Faux Plantation Shutters will work for you.

Hotel Faux Plantation Shutters

Faux Plantation Shutters for the private verandas of a Hotel

Faux Plantation Shutters Shading around a pool

Shading around a pool

Hospital Faux Plantation Shutters

Resists the growth of mold within Hospitals

Porch Faux Plantation Shutters

Enclosing a porch

Bathroom Faux Plantation Shutters

Inside a bathroom

Faux Plantation Shutters for an outdoor café

Faux Plantation Shutters for an outdoor café

4 Responses to “Interior & Exterior Faux Plantation Shutters”

  • Tom Mackin says:

    Looking for exterior shutters for deck privacy. Like them to be operable to move side to side and louvers up and down. Located in NJ. Thanks

  • Jim says:

    Hi Tom,

    We often have our operable louvered shutters used to enclose decks and gazebos. Some people like to hinge the shutters so that they can be swung open to give a completely uninterrupted view. Other times they are installed in frames and fixed in place. The louvers can still pivot open and close to allow ventilation and visibility.

    I will email you directly and we can go from there.


  • Sue Miller says:

    Am wondering if the shutters would work for hinging on 12″ sidelights. We need to do something for privacy at the front door. The trim work is white so that would look great from that standpoint.


  • Jim says:

    Hi Sue,

    You can do shutters on sidelights. I have seen it where people have hinged the shutters and others that have installed them with magnets. Since they are usually only opened to clean the windows hinges aren’t always needed.

    I hope this helps!


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