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finished interior door opening

Interior Doors: A Rough Opening vs. A Finished Opening

When ordering new interior doors having the correct measurements is very important.  Just as important is to also let us know the type of opening.  The type of opening can be either “Rough” or “Finished”. What is a Rough Opening? A rough opening is where the wall studs are exposed along the edge of the …

Sliding barn door hardware
Closet Doors

Hardware Options for Sliding Closet Doors

Interior doors of any style can be mounted as a sliding closet doors; all that it takes is the correct type of sliding door hardware! However, there are a few options that you need to consider when it comes to the hardware: How do you plan to use your Sliding Closet Doors? Before we look …

combination raised panel and mirrored sliding bypass doors
Closet Doors Interior Doors

Glass Inserts for Custom Interior Doors

Looking for a simple way to personalize your interior doors? Our 6500 series interior doors feature removable trim which can be used to hold glass, mirrors and most any other flat panel from dry eraser board to woven reeds. We can supply you with clear and frosted tempered glass. Pantries, bedrooms and closets alike, even …

pool cabana shutters and doors
Exterior Doors Exterior Shutters

Louvered Cabana Doors

Time to make your wish list of outdoor projects happen and we can help! Our Custom-made exterior doors and exterior shutters find a variety of uses outside such as for this terrific poolside cabana. These cabana doors are Kestrel style 6161 – Fixed Traditional Louvered over Tongue & Groove. The customer also installed our 3.1/2″ …

pegs on shutters and doors
Doors Shutters

Why Are There Pegs In Our Shutters & Doors?

Recently many customers have asked us about the hardwood pegs found in our doors and shutters. These pegs and their mitered layout on a completed frame are a signature mark of Kestrel Shutters and Doors. The pegged mortise and tenon joint is a time honored cabinet makers joint with a use that extends very far …