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Do I need a Bottom Track for my Closet Door Hardware?

A common misconception is that closet door hardware, especially hardware for sliding closet doors, requires a bottom track.  The belief is that the bottom track helps support the weight of the doors as well as keep the doors aligned. The Johnson Hardware, that we supply with our closet doors, is actually designed the other way …

bifold closet door hardware
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Hardware for Bifold Doors

When it comes to closet doors, one of the most popular ways to mount them is as bifold doors. Basically this means that the doors are hinged together in pairs and will open and close in pairs. While there doesn’t seem like there would be much variation in the hardware for bifold doors there are …

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Soup & Nuts, Building a Shutter & Door Business

Soup & Nuts, Building a Shutter & Door Business. Kestrel was started entirely from scratch back in 1988 by my partner and me. We began developing some different wood products namely radius arbors, pergolas, for entrance ways and folding screens. We officially opened for business on May 4, 1989 under the name of Kestrel Manufacturing. …

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Defining the Mortise and Tenon, Old and New

Defining the Mortise and Tenon, Old and New The mortise and tenon joint is one of the oldest methods of joining two pieces of material together and certainly is still very much a mainstay in fine cabinetry work today. There are many references to mortise and tenon joinery throughout the ages. Historical monuments such as …

fixed louver over flat panel bifold doors
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Should I go with bifold or sliding closet doors?

The choice between installing bifold doors and sliding closet doors depends on a few different factors. The use of the closet, the space around the closet, and, of course, your personal preference, are all considerations. What is the difference between bifold doors and sliding closet doors? The first thing to do is to look at …