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Looking for a simple way to personalize your interior doors?

Our 6500 series interior doors feature removable trim which can be used to hold glass, mirrors and most any other flat panel from dry eraser board to woven reeds. We can supply you with clear and frosted tempered glass. Pantries, bedrooms and closets alike, even exterior entrance doors, can have a glass or plastic glazing insert. Glass inserts add an interesting transition from room to room even if it is a closet.

Take a look at the way some of our customers have personalized their custom interior doors:

custom bifold closet doors with glass insert

Natural light softly illuminates this closet's storage area. A double walled poly material provides the subtle opaque quality in these bi-fold doors.

interior-doors-with-corrugated-glass-insert For this combination medicine and linen closet the homeowner used a heavy banded glass which is perfect for providing just a hint of what is kept on the shelf behind the door. With the louvered door section below linens will have adequate ventilation to stay fresh.

( Interior Door style 6522 – Open for glass over 2.1/2″ Fixed Plantation Louvers )

Here On this bi-fold door combination, custom Art’s & Craft style stained glass inserts were used to give these tongue & groove doors a very unique look.

( Interior Doors style 6160 – Open for glass over Tongue & Groove doors )

stained glass  interior doors
glass over beadboard interior doors Here the homeowner chose a frosted glass with a pattern of dots. The glass sits above a true beadboard panel in this double door closet installation.

( Interior Door style 6570 – Open for glass over beadboard Door )

Here this customer on the Hawaiian Islands did not want to block the view outside their front door so they went with clear tempered glass for the top and a woven insert for the bottom. The mid-rails on these door frames were custom shaped to mimic an ocean wave. custom exterior door with glass insert
Spanish Cedar Bifold Doors Bifold Doors have a clear stain with a “cross reeded” patterened glass. The glass helps to obscure the contents of the closet while the fixed Plantation louvers in the bottom provide needed ventilation

( Interior Doors style 6522 – Open for glass over Fixed Plantation Louvers )

With a Kestrel 6500 door series glass, mirrors, poly-wall and any other sheet material is a snap to install. With so many door frame insert possibilities personalizing your door’s becomes very easy.

A naturally beautiful and renewable choice- Wood shutters and doors by

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6 Responses to “Glass Inserts for Custom Interior Doors”

  • mike berns says:

    I am looking at your product#6522 and want to know if that can be made with non see through plain glass and come in unstained but primed for paint. The size would be 30 x 80.

    Thank you

  • Jim says:

    Hi Mike,

    Our 6500 series doors all come with removable trim so that you can insert your own glass or mirror. While we can supply you with tempered, frosted glass you can also get your own from a local supplier.

    In order to quote you we would need to know if the 30″ x 80″ is the exact size of the door or the opening so that we know what deductions for hardware will need to be made.

    I hope this helps!


  • allen says:

    I am searching for an interior double swinging door for a church foyer that can have a glass cross installed in it

  • Jim Lapic says:

    Hello Allen,

    We have made our doors with removable trim customized to hold stained glass of varying thicknesses and shapes. If you can email over to a drawing of what you have in mind that would be a good place to start.


  • jean says:

    HI Jim,

    I am searching for indoor shutters that will hold stained glass. Do you have anything like that?


  • Jim Lapic says:

    Hi Jean,

    We do make shutters and doors that have an opening, with retaining trim, so that you can insert your own glass/mirror. If you will email us ( ) with the quantity and sizes, as well as the thickness of the stained glass inserts, we can get a price back to you.


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