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Bahama Shutter Hardware
Exterior Shutter Hardware

Bahama Shutter Hardware

What exactly are Bahama Shutters? Simply put, Bahama Shutters, also referred to as Bermuda Shutters, are shutters that are mounted at the top and propped out like an awning over a window. While mainly an exterior style of shutter they are some times used inside to give a more tropical feel to a room.  Bahama …

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Interior & Exterior Faux Plantation Shutters

Faux Plantation Shutters? At first it sounds like some sort of fake, decorative only shutter. While they are certainly decorative they are anything but fake. The “faux” in Faux Plantation Shutters simply means that they are not made from wood. What are Faux Plantation Shutters made out of? There are different materials that can be …

operable louvered shutters on a covered porch
Exterior Shutters

On The Porch with Kestrel Exterior Shutters

Summertime and a porch go hand in hand.  It’s that inviting outdoor sheltered area to relax for a moment, recline and rest our feet, and maybe even watch a casual passerby.  It is also a place to read in the best lighting, gather with friends and family for refreshments such as lemonade and even just …