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Gazebo Bird Feeder

This bird feeder will mount directly on to a 4×4 post.

I liked this gazebo bird feeder so much that I gave two out as gifts this past Christmas.  Very easy to install, these feeders are handmade in Pennsylvania and are a welcome addition to your garden.


Gazebo Bird Feeder


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Dimensions: 21″ tall x 12.5″ wide ( flat to flat ).

Bird Feeder Update  – April 10th, 2014

Well, we’ve had our Gazebo Bird Feeder up for 6 years now.  We started with it out near our kids swings and tree house and then moved it up to a corner of our deck.  With it closer to our kitchen windows it is easier for the kids to watch all the different kinds of birds come and go.  I’ve not done any maintenance to bird feeder.  The rain seems to take care of any cleaning on the outside.   The bird feed stays dry except in driving rains.  Even then it is fine as there are drainage holes  In 5 years I think I’ve only plucked out 2 or 3 pieces that sprouted.

I’ve added a couple of updated pictures down below that show the wear and tear of 5 years.   That and some of our regular visitors.


Cardinals in a snow covered Gazebo bird feeder

Even in the dead of Winter the cardinals have a safe, dry place to hang out and eat

Birds on top of the Gazebo bird feeder

The birds even like to jump around on top of the bird feeder.


Gazebo bird feeder with 2 cup seed resevoir

One nice feature is a weather resistant plexiglass tube in the center that holds almost 5 cups of feed to continuously fill the base of the feeder.

10 Responses to “Gazebo Bird Feeder”

  • john says:

    is there any chance that you sell these without the wood being painted. i like the natural look of the shingle on the top.
    thanks, john

  • Jim says:

    Hi John,

    I am waiting to hear back from the person that makes those for us locally. Since he paints as well as builds them I would think that there should be no problem with that but I am waiting on a call back to confirm. I should have an answer back either today or tomorrow.


  • karen says:

    i would also be interested in this if it’s not painted in white. please let me know
    Thanks, Karen

  • Jim says:

    I’m sorry. I just realized I had not replied to this. It took a few days but we did hear back from the local craftsman and they ARE available unfinished. So you can order them painted white or unfinished wood.

  • Jim Herman says:

    Is this bird feeder still available? If so, how many days for shipping if order placed tomorrow?

  • Jim Lapic says:

    Hi Jim, We shipped the last one in stock the other day but have more coming in. I will check tomorrow during the day and I will email you with how soon we can ship a bird feeder to you.


  • Jill Blair says:

    Are you still selling these bird feeders?


  • Jim Lapic says:

    Hi Jill,

    We do sell the Gazebo bird Feeders all year long. I did see that you placed an online order over the weekend. Your bird feeder will ship today. Thank you for your order.


  • Katelyn says:

    Hi Jim,
    I’m interested in the gazebo bird feeder. Just wondering what the base of the pole (stand) looks like?

  • Jim Lapic says:

    Hi Katelyn,

    There is a a plywood base that will slip over top of a 4×4 post. I pre-drilled, and inserted screws, through the base and in to the post. That way I could easily move it if I wanted to. The wrap extends down 2.5/8″. Here’s a picture of it from the bottom. By the way, the black lines, in the corners, are drainage holes so that water does not puddle in the feeder.

    Base of Gazebo Bird Feeder

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