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With my fuel bills now at least double what they were two to three years ago I have an idea that this year I will reinstall exterior shutters on this old home that I live in and shut them during the winter on the prevailing wind side.  My farm house once had them as most old houses do for very much the same reasons that I am trying to achieve- security and heat conservation. During the winter months the shutters will be drawn over the front roadside windows to insulate against the cold.  I usually keep curtains drawn over these windows for privacy and to help keep the warmth and coziness inside.

Having the windows shuttered will be a comforting sense of security to me when I step inside my home on a cold windy night.  When spring arrives the shutters will be opened and latched back to the stone facade with fanciful tie backs also known as shutter dogs.  During the summer months, should it be hot, I will be able to use the louvers selectively to keep the sun’s heat at bay.  And whatever the season a removable window box at each sill will accent the shutters charm with greens in the winter and floral décor the rest of the year.

Wood is such a great, renewable and natural, insulator.  Adding wood shutters provides a classic window dressing that most definitely will help in keeping the warmth inside your home during the cold winter months and the sun’s heat moderated come summertime.  With conservation in energy equaling conservation to the environment by reduction of “green house gases” you will be helping to turn your house into a “green” house with a beautiful window treatment all year round.  In the long run you will also save money for your piggy bank rather then just literally burn it up in rising fuel costs.  Saving money is always good.

So, what weekend project could you do to add value to your home but best of all add comfort?  Build and install something that will last you and your home a lifetime or more while providing all those years many positive and beneficial uses.

Written by Jewel A. Foulds
February 23, 2008

Did you know that an average home may loose 30% of its heat or air-conditioning energy through its windows?

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